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The fundamental goal is the service of the customer. Having this as a principle we set our goals in Bazigos from its foundation until now. The customer is for us the precious collaborator with whom we delimit goals and materialize innovative ideas having always in the background the future-the development.


The development is a permanent process which we believe is connected with that of our customers. We head together with our clients and evolve in a universal competitive environment in which the result is usually judged by the details.

Quality and Cost

There is a double goal to maintain high quality standards of molds, parts and final products and to achieve low costs of offered services without any discounts in the quality and the materials. This is due to the organization of the production, the automatisms and the use of high technology.


human potential
new machines
new technologies

Our investments in know-how - human potential - buildings new machines and new technologies are permanent and are the only way for us to reach our goal.The satisfaction of continuously increasing needs of our customers.


Dialogue and harmonious collaboration are the only way that can lead a team in the achievement of such demanding goals as those that are set today in the international industry. That 's why in Bazigos we vote for the dialogue and promote with specific daily procedures the collaboration of our executives.


The education of the company's human potential is permanent and programmed. It happens in a regular basis in Bazigos teaching room and its goal is always the same. To keep our engineers updated on issues that concerne the science of engineering.

Environmental Policy

Environments protection and economic growth are traditionally faced as two competitive areas. For us, environments protection and economic growth are considered as two sectors that always work in synergy having in background what else, the human being.

Environments protection acquires meaning and becomes more intensive when the people prosper, while the prosperity of people is supplied, and finally is achievable only in a healthy environment. The initiative and the responsibility for the application of a managements model belongs to us, who are called to place on our own the qualitative and quantitative goals and to move continuously in the direction of our environmental records improvement.


Bazigos General Manager Mr. Nikolaos Bazigos has been rewarded several times for the social offer of the company.



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