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Every single mold's manufacturing is a completely separate and unique project which is property of Bazigos’ customers as precisely as its products.

Design and development’s safety is ensured by Bazigos’ Design & Development Department and that of molds’ manufacturing and parts’ production in the factory’s building. Both places are accessible from the company’s authorized staff.

Bazigos applies already from its foundation a strict model of Quality’s Administration for the establishment of policy and the quality goals in order to achieve them. The general goal is the maintenance and the improvement of products’ specifications and services that Bazigos offers so as to cover the continuously altered requirements of its customers. All these are materialized with quality’s controls, programs, mechanisms of guarantee as well as activities of quality’s improvements.

There are so many profits from this. Firstly, internally, that result from the better internal organism’s operation as result of the import explicit and argued processes and directives. However more important are the advantages that result in the company’s relations with its exterior environment - transactions with customers & suppliers - . Because the central point in all the models of Quality’s Administration is the establishment of goals, the continuous improvement and the improvement of customers' satisfaction, such a typical model achieves, in future, better commercial results, growth of work and improvement of competitiveness, improvement of prestige and reliability of organism.

Bazigos is certified under DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 ( Certificate ) .


Environmental Policy

Environment’s protection and economic growth are traditionally faced as two competitive areas. For many, the economic growth involves the extensive and exhaustive exploitation of natural resources, while the protection of environment is accompanied by prohibitions that finally prevent the growth of economy.

For us, environment’s protection and economic growth are considered as two sectors that always work in synergy having in background what else, the human being. Environment’s protection acquires meaning and becomes more intensive when the people prosper, while the prosperity of people is supplied, and finally is achievable only in a healthy environment.

The evolution of a management’s model leads to the rational use and hence to the saving of energy and raw material, while it at the same time constitutes important tool for the right planning of essential interventions and investments for the continuous reduction of environmental repercussions.

The initiative and the responsibility for the application of a management’s model belongs to us, who are called to set on our own the qualitative and quantitative goals and to move continuously in the direction of our environmental record’s improvement.

The general form that we follow for the model’s application is as follows:

• configuration of enterprise’s environmental policy
• initial environmental analysis of activities’ industrial space
• syntax of environmental program and delimitation of goals
• planning of environmental management’s system
• writing and announcement of environmental statement
• verification of environmental statement

The profits from the application of the model are important:

• conformity with the legislative provisions
• completed management of environmental repercussions
• saving of energy and natural resources with direct result the reduction of production’s cost
• improvement of public image



Certification ISO