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BAZIGOS SA is located in Mandra in Attiki 20km from Athens,on the 26th km of P.E.O.A.TH and is accommodated in a privately-owned factory of 7000 m² on plot of 17 acres.

Company s main activities are molds manufacturing - Injection , Cutting & Forming , SMC , Vacuum , Die Casting and the manufacturing of high precision parts.

For these manufactures it has a completely equipped Mold Shop with CNC Machines in which it invests in an annual basis the biggest part of its profits. The customers of the mold shop are the biggest Greek and multinational companies in Greece and worldwide.

Last years the continuously increasing demand of final products from its customers, led the company to the strategic decision of expansion, creating a new autonomous unit of industrial plastic & metallic parts production.

The productive unit of the company numbers today many new and high quality machines - Injection, Mechanical & Hydraulic presses - which produce not only on the behalf of our Mold Shops customers but also for customers from all over the world.

Areas of daily life that someone can find products which are produced by Bazigos molds are the household - domestic appliances , refrigerators , electric cookers , water boilers , meters, lightings , gas' boxes - , the medicine - syrinx , inserts - the personal healthcare - shavers - , the packaging - boxes for food , ice cream , colors - , the trade - cash registers - , the security - arming material , locks , prison's wire - etc.

Bazigos SA began as a family business in 1973 and nowadays occupies 45 employees and is organized in a strict structure.



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