N.Bazigos SA was founded by Mr. Nikolaos Bazigos in 1973, as a tool shop specialized in cutting and forming dies, in Kaminia Piraeus, the traditional area where artisan machine shops operated at the time.

Gaining the trust of the main industries by constantly acquiring know-how and expertise, the company grew steadily, soon to become one of the first tool makers in Greece to invest in Wire EDM technology and CNC milling machines in the early 90’s, excelling in the design and manufacturing of progressive dies. At the same time BAZIGOS became a long term supplier of high precision parts for various industries.

A few years later, BAZIGOS got involved in the injection molding industry as a reliable toolmaker complimented by a mass production unit, that could also support it’s clients in the production of both metallic and plastic end-products.

Continuous growth and long established partnerships led the company to relocate in 2006, in the industrial area of Mandra, Attica, in the outskirts of Athens, in it’s contemporary, privately owned 7.000 m2  industrial premises.

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BAZIGOS is now a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit that specializes in the design and manufacturing of innovative injection molds, progressive cutting and forming dies, high precision parts and custom engineering solutions for various applications including thin-wall packaging, shavers, and renewable energy systems.

Path to the future
  • 1973
  • 1992
  • 1994
  • 2006
  • 2010
  • 2019
  • Founded in Piraeus
  • Injection Molds
  • Mass Production
  • Move to new facilities
  • Automations
  • Moving Forward
  • Market Position
    Market Position

    BAZIGOS leads the domestic market and competes on a European level with the industry’s top firms. Operating throughout the product lifecycle, from the design and development of novel products to the construction and implementation of integrated solutions and after sales services, BAZIGOS is established as a reliable partner for major manufacturers and businesses in Europe. Approximately 80% of the company turnover is destined for the foreign market, either directly or through multinational partners with a global presence.

  • Clientele

    BAZIGOS' partners include large pharmaceutical industries, multinational manufactures of consumer and para-pharmaceutical products and shaving accessories, manufacturers of smart electricity meters and electromechanical systems, solar panel producers, gas canister bottling industries, thin-walled packaging producers and various other industries.

Clients & Partners
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Having a deep understanding of the industrial value chain as a whole, BAZIGOS prides itself as being a reliable partner rather than a supplier, customer requirements are essentially common goals.

Established long-term partnerships are founded on the innovative and collaborative approach in the early stages of any project as well as on the support on all levels at any time of the life-cycle. Technical excellence, annual investments and continuous improvement of people and processes are the pillars of past and future growth.

Vision, 2025


BAZIGOS aims at being established as one of the top-ranking toolmakers in Europe.


With its collaborative, innovative approach in engineering and flexibility and commitment in implementation, the company welcomes opportunities for new partnerships and joint ventures for the development of novel products and services.


Maintaining the highest standards in reliability, quality and precision while at the same time shortening delivery times and time-to-market, by adopting new technologies that the new digital era brings upon the manufacturing industry.

Mold Shop

BAZIGOS' core is it's mold shop. Production is driven by the experienced CAD and CAM engineers while the high-end equipment is operated by an efficient mix of artisan and upcoming technicians. The temperature is controlled (+/- 2°C) all year round, established processes and the Quality Control department assure that BAZIGOS' products are first-time-right. More details below...

14 VMCs by Hermle, DMG, Akira and Mazak, including 2 5-axis machines, produce the main volume of sub-components. A detailed bill-of-processes is followed with intermediate on-machine measurements or Quality Control inspections that assure the high standards of quality and precision.

Wire and Sink EDM is an in-disposable technology in the manufacturing of Progressive Dies and Injection Molds respectively. BAZIGOS heavily utilizes this technology for both kind of tools as well as in the manufacturing of highly accurate components.

  • Wire EDM
    Six Wire EDM machines by GF Agie Charmilles, Makino and Mitsubishi produce the accurate, through hardened dies and punches or process high precision components
  • Sink EDM
    Four Sink EDM machines by GF Agie Charmilles and Makino deliver the intricate geometries or surface finishes required by our partners in the thin walled packaging and shavers industries

Surface grinding is a standard process step in many stages of tool & die manufacturing. BAZIGOS' products require even more:

  • jig grinding
    Intricate punch & die geometries and working tolerances in the microns are achieved on the Hauser Jig Grinder
  • profile grinding
    Multi cavity injection molds with complex parting lines and interchangeable parts that require precision and repeatability are processed on the Amada profile grinder
Quality Control
Quality Control

Precision that matters...









A Zeiss Contura CNC CMM automatically inspects mold parts against the CAD drawings with an accuracy of 0,1 microns. Two full time QC engineers, using a variety of measuring equipment such as shadowgraphs, video measuring machines and hand-held micrometers assure that high precision parts and metal & plastics mass products are within specifications, issuing internal and customer validation reports and certifications

A Member of the Society
Beyond its commercial activities, BAZIGOS is also invovled in various educational activities or community and charity innitiatives such as:

Annually hosting 1-2 field trips by the local Technical Education School (OAED),

Organizing at least 2 visits per year by the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Polytechnic School, Universtiy of Patras in the context of machining technology courses,

Donating in kind by manufacturing demanding mechanical components: for the High School of Arsakeio Patras for the international competition "F1 in Schools" (under the auspices of F1 and FIA) and for the international Formula Student competition for the Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Patras and the University of Thessaly.

Donating the progressive dies and after sales support utilized by the Lighthouse for the Blind in Greece