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Design & Development

All begin from an innovative idea; however nothing could be materialized if it was not for the intervention of study and drawing, in a spirit of dialogue and collaboration between our customers and N. Bazigos engineers.

The excellent organization Bazigos Design and Development Department, gives the possibility to our customers to materialize here their innovative ideas and the new products that have envisioned.

Design and developments safety is ensured by Bazigos Design and Development Department which constitutes an autonomous department of the company with its own general manager and is accessible only from Bazigos Directors.

It is accommodated in 200m² office and it occupies 5 mechanical engineers who study and draw electronic under NX and DELCAM.

The possibilities of the department in human potential, hardware and software, are supplemented in an ideal way with excellent materials knowledge and experience in manufacturing due to the Mold Shop in order to compose a department that can give essential solutions to the biggest companies worldwide.



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