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Bazigos SA participating in the European Research Program Know4Car - 6/25/2012

Key innovation
Current digital manufacturing information and communication platforms have a long way to go for effectively addressing engineering knowledge management issues, since todays higher level management systems are often detached from the engineering knowledge they are associated with, while product life management systems provide no link to actual performance indicators, such as cost, time, and quality parameters. The Know4Car project will attempt to make knowledge management and collaboration more effective throughout the product lifecycle, supporting the capture and the systematic organization of knowledge in the form of manufacturing templates. Furthermore, Know4Car will develop faster, easier, error-free UIs for data entry / checking in the shop floor along with serious games options for instantaneous knowledge retrieval, training and / or design purposes.

Scientific, Economic and societal Impact
Through the Know4Car platform, the process of capturing, organizing and distributing the manufacturing knowledge will become more efficient, and will reinforce the European leadership in knowledge-driven platforms, tools, methodologies, product development and manufacturing. Furthermore, the autonomous software agents of the platform will be capable of undertaking a series of everyday activities towards accelerating the product design and manufacturing process, enabling new products to be realized with a considerably shorter time-to-production and time-to-market.


Bazigos SA participating in the European Research Program COMET - 3/20/2012

The EC financed COMET research program is targeting on the moving control optimization, of industrial robots, by making use of high qualified equipment and software, scoping on the development of an immediate exploitable platform solution.

Within 2.5 years time, a very sort time according to EU research standards, COMET heads to deal with difficulties faced by EU constructors, by developing innovative treatment systems, which will be more accurate, flexible and reliable. This will result according to the projects estimation in a 30% cost reduction, on average, compared to the traditional mechanical processing.

Despite the fact that the use of industrial robots could become fundamental for effective solutions on the field of metal processing, the lack of accuracy and repeatability, the inability of dealing and deleting disorders, as well as the lack of a reliable software planning and resemblance system, makes exploitation of robots in industry a very ambiguous task. COMET is trying to deal with all of these problems on a revolutionary way based on the experience and the know-how of research and education institutions participating on the program. (AMRC Manufacturing Ltd, Marposs-ARTIS, BTU Cottbus, Delcam, DemoCenter-Sipe, Fraunhofer IPA, Gizelis Robotics, Lund University, N.Bazigos SA, Nikon Metrology, Nisaform s.r.o, SIR SpA, TEKS, LMS-University Of Patras)

Bazigos SA participation in the program has to do with the construction of a fast micro-correction unit. In fact Bazigos SA will construct exclusively a whole mechanism and parts of a second one. Operations will take place in the companys state of the art facilities making use of its high tech equipment and extensive know-how. With the projects completion Bazigos SA will be one of the two exclusive producers of such a unit and of course one of its least traders.

For more details about COMET please check www.cometproject.com


Reward for enterprising activity - 6/2/2008
BAZIGOS SA is rewarded by the Minister of Growth Mr.X.Folia for its enterprising activity during 2007


Hauser - 3/6/2008
BAZIGOS SA provides the company with the first CNC JIG GRINDING HAUSER machine that has ever come to Greece


Columbia MBA - 12/28/2007
BAZIGOS SA finances the master studies of its mechanical engineer EMMANOUIL BAZIGOS at Columbia University in New York


35 years anniversary - 11/1/2007
BAZIGOS SA celebrates today 35 years from its foundation by NIKOLAOS BAZIGOS the president of the company




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